Are EaseCare physicians and
psychiatrists visits free of charge?

Yes, physicians and psychiatrists visits are covered with your Alberta Health Card if you are an Alberta resident.

Do You Ever Feel Like Being In A Rut?

Do you keep facing the same problems again and again? Get to the root of hard to break habits or mindsets with our clinician.

How it works

  • Book an assessment
  • Diagnose your patterns and behaviors that might need change
  • Attend 2-4 sessions a month with our therapist
  • Work with our clinician on an ongoing basis anywhere between 6-20 weeks
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About Talk Therapy

Our online Talk Therapy focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors. Our team will help you identify and regulate problematic thinking patterns and behaviors and help you lead a better life.

Together with our physicians you'll be improving emotional regulation, and developing personal coping strategies that target solving the issues you're feeling.


Identify problematic patterns and behaviors

Learn strategies to cope with your issues

Develop a rational thinking process

Overcoming perfectionism

Career assessment

High motivation

Achieving mindfulness

Overcome anxiety disorders

Defeat depression and mood disorders

Manage life transitions

Behavioral Interventions

Improve Sleep and Rest

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