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Passionate about mental health

EaseCare is hiring physicians & psychiatrists who are excited by the flexible hours, and freedom afforded by working virtually!

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See patients on your own time

Set Your Schedule
EaseCare fits into your personal lifestyle. We make balancing your work, life, family and busy calendar a breeze! You are the boss – tell us when you want patients. Work as little or as much as you'd like, when you like.

Better Patient Feedback 
With our efficient patient triage system and smooth telemedicine portal, you offer patients a better care experience.

Your Patients 
EaseCare raises awareness around mental health support that is available to Albertans. We streamline access to mental health, making it convenient for the patient and the provider.


Fully Integrated Digital Health Platform

Secure and Private
EaseCare's platform is fully compliant with federal and provincial requirements. We use bank-grade encryption and security protocols.

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Vivid Video Calls 
Our telemedicine platform offers live crisp video technology which allows you to connect real-time with your patients. No lag, no pixels, no time limits, just clear communication.

Patient Portal and Triage
Our easy to navigate web-based system allows patient easy, quick access to book appointment with you. Have them fill our pre-visit surveys and forms needed to enhance the effectiveness and efficacy of the consult.

Integrated Calendar & EMR
EaseCare telemedicine offers a custom all-in-one interface that offers effortless patient bookings and built-in EMR system which ensures a seamless intuitive physician experience.

Convenient Access 

Access Anywhere. Anytime

You and your patients can access the platform anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a computer. 

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