Mental Health Matters

Access mental health support from the comfort of home. 
Our physicians and psychologists are here for you.


All physician consults are covered with your Alberta Health Card Number. 

Convenient Access to Care

EaseCare makes it easier for you to access physicians that specialize in mental health, and psychologists.

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Access an unlimited number of Free mental health consults with physicians to support your journey towards better mental health.

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Complex Care

Psychiatrists are also available Free of charge to help address more complex mental health needs. 

Mental Health

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Access a team of psychologists that specialize in a wide variety of mental health topics (Private Pay). 

Our Care Approach


Mental Health Counseling

Consult with our physician that specializes in mental health.


Consult with our psychologists who have experience in a variety of mental health topics. 

Complex Mental Health Needs

Take an assessment and get a referral to a psychiatrist if appropriate. 

Psychiatrists are physicians who further specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

* All physicians and psychiatrists consults are covered with your Alberta Health care number. 

* Psychologist consults are private pay. Receipts provided for insurance purposes. 

Why EaseCare?

Our goal is to improve access to mental health support for all Albertans regardless of their financial, socioeconomic class and location. Accessing mental health support should not be hard. Access the support that you need from the comfort of home. 


1. Are EaseCare physicians and psychiatrists visits free of charge? 

Yes, physicians and psychiatrists visits are covered with your Alberta Health Card if you are an Alberta resident.

2. Are all EaseCare services offered online? 

Yes, all of EaseCare mental health consults are offered online from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. 

Don't have internet and/or a computer? No problem, our clinicians are able to offer their consults over the phone as well. 

3. How does EaseCare prove continuity of care?

EaseCare doctors and mental health teams are available for follow up appointments or can communicate with your family physician as needed. 

4. Are all EaseCare providers regulated? 

All of EaseCare providers are Alberta Licensed and regulated by their respective Alberta colleges and regulatory bodies 

5. Are EaseCare psychologists and counsellors visits free of charge? 

Unfortunately, psychologists and counsellors visits are private pay. However, we are able to provide receipts for insurance purposes if the services are covered by your insurance. 

Keep in mind, physicians and psychiatrists services are still available to you Free of charge if you need mental health support and is unable to afford psychologists or counsellors consults. 

*Have other questions that are not answered here? Feel free to call us at 587-323-8646

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